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Jim Arnold Roll
Company: 651-222-7919
School: 651-290-0513
J I M   A R N O L D ...... C Y N T H I A   B E T Z ...... L I S A   G R A Y
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Jim Arnold

Jim is truly a Jack-Of-All-Trades. His ability to construct sets for both abstract and story ballets has put BMN on a higher level of artistic quality. He has also designed ballets such as Rhapsody in Blue, Black Dog
Cafe & Sleeping Beauty

Cynthia Betz

Cynthia has been instrumental in the developement of BMN as a major Minnesota Dance Company. . She has been president of the board as well as executive director. She is also an accomplished designer and painter for BMN.

Lisa Gray

Lisa has a wonderul sense of color, depth and design and has painted, in collaboration with Cynthia, many of the sets for BMN productions.

Together, Cynthia and Jim have created a host of wonderful ballet sets sometimes individually and sometimes together.

Arnold / Betz

Sampling of Sets & Props by

Jim  A R N O L D,   Cynthia  B E T Z,  Lisa  G R A Y

B L A C K   D O G   C A F E