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Ludwig Van Beethoven      'G R O S S E  F U G E'      ( Opus 133 )
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choreography .. AndrewRist
MUSIC .............. Ludwig Van Beethoven
Costumes ........ Cheryl Rist
Lighting ............ Mary Beth Zorn
Photography .... Dave Trayers

      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Pray
      Ben Olsen
      Aaron Davies

         Hannah Wagner
         Margaret Underwood
         Nik Nelson

      Harper Skulley
      Berea Ames
      Olivia Rose Awsumb
      Mary Shrake
      Maggie Selner
      Erin Chase
      Kayla Assimacopoulos
      Karly Lunda

     7th Annual Fall Concert
     October 26-27, 2012
     O'Shaughnessy / St Catherine University,
     St Paul, Minnesota

Tickets: 2962

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7th Annual  FALL CONCERT

Beethoven's GROSSE FUGE

October 26-27, 2012
The O'Shaughnessy
St Catherine University
St Paul, Minnesota


     Beethoven was, as has been acknowledged by mankind, ahead of his time in many respects. With the Grosse Fuge he attempted to show us the beautiful, wonderous and awesome side of strange, of difference, of ugly. He attempted, and suceeded, to make us aware that everything around us has a rhythm, perhaps not the one we want to accept but the one that is there nevertheless. Yes, beautiful or ugly, within each slice of life there is a seed of wonder. With the choreography I attempted, through sillouette and movement, to show the beautiful pulse which lies just beneath the surface waiting for us to discover if we will only take the time open our eyes and ears,
         - Andrew Rist -

Erin Warn, Jennifer Pray, Ben Olson, Aaron Davies, Hannah Wagner, Margaret Underwood, Harper Skulley, Berea Ames, Mary Shrake, Erin Chase, Maggie Selner, Nik Nelson, Kayla Assimacopoulos, Olivia Rose Awsumb, Karly Lunda

Andrew Rist

Ludwig van Beethoven

Cheryl Rist

Mary Beth Zorn

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2012 CAST

Beethoven's GROSSE FUGE

October 26-27, 2012
The O'Shaughnessy
St Catherine University
St Paul, Minnesota

Choreographer:   Andrew Rist
Composer:  Ludwig Van Beethoven
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Lighting:  Mary Beth Zorn

Music ( From Wikipedia )

The 'Große Fuge' (or 'Grosse Fuge', also known in English as 'Great Fugue' or 'Grand Fugue'), Op. 133, is a single-movement composition for string quartet by Ludwig van Beethoven. A massive double fugue, it originally served as the final movement of his Quartet No. 13 in B♭ major (Op. 130) but he replaced the fugue with a new finale and published the Grosse Fuge separately in 1827 as Op. 133. It was composed in 1825, when Beethoven was completely deaf, and is considered to be part of his set of late quartets. It was first performed in 1826, as the finale of the B♭ quartet, by the Schuppanzigh Quartet.

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
          7th Fall Concert
          The O'Shaughnessy,
          St Paul, MN
              October 26-27, 2012

     Erin Warn, Jennifer Pray,
     Ben Olsen,Aaron Davies, Nik Nelson
     Hannah Wagner, Margaret Underwood
     Harper Skulley, Berea Ames,Olivia
     -Rose Awsumb, Maggie Selner, Erin
     Chase, Kayla Assimacopoulos, Mary
     Shrake, Karly Lunda


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