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Giselle, Act 2
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G I S E L L E ...... Act 1, Mad Scene          2005
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Theatre de l'Academie Royale de Musiique, Paris June 28, 1841

    Original Score: Adolphe Adam
    Choreography: Jules Perrot, Jean
    Book:: Vernoy deSaint Georges,                Theophile Gautier,Jean Coralli
    Scenery: Pierre Ciceri-
    Giselle: Carlotta Grisi
    Albrecht: Lucien Petipa
    Myrtha: Adele Dumilatre
    Hilarion: Jean Coralli

    2nd Act Only - 1995
    7th Minnesota Dance Festival,
    The O'Shaughnessy, St Paul, MN
        restaged by: Cheryl Rist & Jocelyn
        Giselle: Tina Anderson
        Albrecht: Andrew Thompson
        Myrtha: Megan Warn
        Hilarion: David Stright

     Acts 1-2 & Mad Scene
    17th Minnesota Dance Festival
    April 29-30, 2005
    Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN
        Restaged by: Cheryl Rist
        Costumes: Cheryl Rist

     Acts 1-2 & Mad Scene
    18th Minnesota Dance Festival
     April, 2006   (18th MDF)
     Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN
         Restaged by: Cheryl Rist

Mad Scene

17th Annual  Minnesota Dance Festival

GISELLE, Act 1, MAD Scene
Restaged & Costumes by: Cheryl Rist

April 29-30, 2005        Fitzgerald Theater        St Paul, Minnesota

ACT 1 ....... A rustic village

Giselle, a weak-hearted young girl who is adored by her native villagers, lives with her watchful mother, Berthe. Hilarion, the village gamekeeper, is desperately in love with Giselle. Prince Albrecht, a nobleman who is already engaged to a noblewoman named Bathilde, is bored and lonely with his everyday existence. Captivated by Giselle's frail beauty and innocence, Albrecht disguises himself as a peasant named Loys. After purchasing the cottage adjacent to Berthe's, he proceeds to shower Giselle with his affections.

Hilarion, filled with suspicion and jealousy, becomes enraged when Giselle falls madly in love with Albrecht and believes that they are engaged.

Berthe has a vision that her daughter will one day become a Wili, a jilted maiden who dies before her wedding night. The Wilis emerge between midnight and dawn to vengefully trap any man who enters their domain by forcing him to dance to his death.

Hilarion exposes Albrecht's disguise and proclaims that he is already betrothed to Bathilde. Overwhelmingly distraught and horrified, Giselle dies of a broken heart.


Act 2 ...... A forest clearing

Hilarion is discovered just before midnight keeping vigil by Giselle's tomb. As midnight approaches, the Wilis appear with their leader, Queen Myrta. This is the night Giselle is to be initiated as a Wili.

Albrecht, laden with feelings of guilt and remorse, visits Giselle's grave. He sees a vision of Giselle and follows it into the forest. At this point, Myrta discovers Hilarion in the forest and orders the Wilis to dance around him until he dies from exhaustion. She then discovers Albrecht and demands that he share the same fate as Hilarion but is unable to permeate the invisible bond of love that Giselle has for him.

At dawn, when the Wilis lose their power and must retreat to their dwelling place, Albrecht is saved and Giselle forgives him. Giselle returns with the Wilis and recognizes that now she will be one of them for the rest of time.

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