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Handel's   M E S S I A H

2 012  Premiere  CAST
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May 4, 2012   C A S T

Choreographer .... Andrew Rist
Composer ............ George Frederic Handel
Costumes ............ Cheryl Rist
Lighting ............... Tom Campbell

     Dublin, Ireland ....  April 17, 1742


Nov 4-5, 2010
5th Fall Concert

    PIFA Only

    Julia Heggernes-Morrison, Clayton

May 4-6, 2012      
24th Minnesota Dance Festival

     Sinfony, Comfort Ye, Glory of the Lord, And
     He Shall Purify, The People That Walked In
     Darkness, He Shall Feed His Flock, Behod A
     Virgin Shall Conceive, Surely He Hath Borne
     Our Griefs, Hallelujah Chorus, Oh Death
     Where Is Thy Sting, PIFA

     Erin Warn, Ben Olsen, Hannah Wagner,
     Margaret Underwood, Harper Skulley,
     Celesta Brainard, Olivia Verdick, Berea
     Ames, Anna Reimann, Olivia-Rose Awsumb,
     Sophia Pellegrom, Solana Reyes, Lily Gray

Erin Warn
Ben Olson     Messiah
Margaret Underwood      Messiah
Hannah Wagner       Messiah
Celesta Brainard      Messiah
Harper Skulley
Berea Ames    Messiah
Anna Reimann      Messiah
Nik Nelson      Messiah
Olivia Verdick      Messiah
Solona Reyes      Messiah
Lily Gray       Messiah
Olivia-Rose  Awsumb        Messiah
Sophia Pellegrom