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School: 651-290-0513
L E S   S Y L P H I D E S  ........  2 0 1 2
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P H O T O P A G E   2 0 1 2

Restaged by:   Cheryl Rist
Choreographer:   Michael Fokine
Composer:  Frederic Chopin
Orchestration:  Alexander Glasunov
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Lighting:  Tom Campbell

World Premiere:
     as Chopiniana:
             1907 Maryinsky Theater
              St Petersburg, Russia
     as  Les Sylphides
             1909 Theatre du Chatelet
              Paris, France

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
     4th Minnesota Dance Festival
     May, 1992
     St Paul Student Center Theater,
            St Paul, MN
     Lead Female: Cheryl Rist
     Lead Male: Robert Cleary

Ballet Minnesota 2nd Restaging:
     May, 1998
     EM Pearson Theater, St Paul, MN
     Lead Female: Karen Burns
     Lead Male: David Stright

Ballet Minnesota 3rd Restaging:
     24th Minnesota Dance Festival
     May 4-5i, 2012
     Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN

     Lead Female: Erin Warn
     Lead Male: Alexander Smirnov
     Soloists: Hannah Wagner, Margaret          Underwood
     Corps de Ballet: Harper Skulley, Olivia      Verdick, Celesta Brainard, Berea
      Ames, Anna Reimann, Olivia-Rose       Awsumb, Solana Reyes, Erin Chase
      Kayla  Assimacopoulos, Molly Roche,
      Mary Shrake, Gretchen Gerlach,
     Jordan Jankowski, Clara Konetschka,      Christina Smith, Karly Lunda

pp1  sylph
Sylph PP2
Les Sylphides   V
sylph pp3
Les Sylphides  2   V


Special performance: (all tickets $6:00)
May 4; 10:00am

Public: (tickets $10.00 - $25.00)
May 4, 7:30pm;
May 5, 2:00 and 7:30pm

Area School Dance : (all tickets $7.00)
May 6
Master classes from 9:00 - 12:45;
           Alexander Smirnov - ballet
           Matthew Gasper - Jazz
Performancet 3:30pm.

Fitzgerald Theater Box Office
    * Note: There is a surcharge in
                addition to ticket price

    * Note: There is a surcharge in
                addition to ticket price