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A A R O N   D A V I E S

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AARON began dancing at Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota in the winter of 2003.

In 2009 he enrolled at the St Paul Conservatory of Perfroming Arts where his focus was dance.

He danced in classical works such as Don Quioxte, Giselle, Sleeping Beauty and the Nutcracker.

He has danced works by Andrew Rist such as Beethoven's Grosse Fuge, Elfan and Cinderella.

He is featured in the book "Nightmare" written and choreographed by Andrew Rist.

Aaron became a company member with Ballet Minnesota in August 2012.

Company member 2012-2014.

A Sample of  AARON's  Artistry

G I S E L L E                      2015                           

Ballet Minnesota
           All Restagings by: Cheryl Rist

( 1995 )
    2nd Act Only - 1995
    7th Minnesota Dance Festival,
    The O'Shaughnessy, St Paul, MN
        restaged by: Cheryl Rist & Jocelyn
        Giselle: Tina Anderson
        Albrecht: Andrew Thompson
        Myrtha: Megan Warn
        Hilarion: David Stright

( 2005 )
     Acts 1-2 & Mad Scene
    17th Minnesota Dance Festival
    April 29-30, 2005
    Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN

( 2006 )
     Acts 1-2 & Mad Scene
    18th Minnesota Dance Festival
     April, 2006   (18th MDF)
     Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN

( 2015 )
     Acts 1-2 & Mad Scene
    27th Minnesota Dance Festival
     May, 2015   (27th MDF)
     The O'Shaughnessy, St Paul, MN


Giselle: Violeta Angelova
Albrecht: Matthew Prescott

Hilarion: Allen Gregory
Duke: Shane Haggerty
Bathilda: Bailey McKenzie
Wilfred: Antone Gregory
Berthe: Mary Gregory
Handmaiden: Sophie Kooy
Escorts: Calvin Huseonics, Ben Bauer

Peasant Pas: Harper Skulley,
      Jalen Gisselquist

Villagers: Harper Skulley,
      Gretchen Gerlach, Willa
      Gegelman, Olivia Huseonica,
      Lisette Amacher, Lily Parker
      Stephanie Klosner, Aaron Davies,
      MatthewHalpaus, Gunnar Swee,
      Micah Watkins

Myrtha: Erin Warn
Willis Soloists: Harper Skulley,
      Gretchen Gerlach

Willis: Bailey McKenzie, Willa Gegelman,
Keilah Ilinykh, Olivia Huseonica, Lisette
Amacher, Lily Parker, Stephanie Klosner,
Ella Bursch, Morgan Gibbs, Olivia Stephan,
Alexis Tao

E L F K I N    E L V E S                      2014                           
ELFKIN ELVES (excerpt)  by Andrew Rist

Have you ever seen a shadow
Racing across a room,
Turning tricks and somersaults
Riding on a broom?
Well, its been said by many
In the town of Gremly-Grum
If you're there or happen to see
When the day is done
Or early in the morning,
Before the library doors
Open up to begin the day
You'll see a shadow for sure

Choreographer:   Andrew Rist
Composer:  Robert E Hindel
Costumes:  Cheryl Rist
Sets:  Jim Arnold, Cynthia Betz
Photography:  Anna Betz*

  * All photos in the book taken at the 26th Minnesota Dance Festival, O'Shaughnessy , St Paul, Minnesota, May 2-3, 2014

2014 CAST


      Elfkin Ariel:  Lisette Amache
      Elfkin Brie:  Lily Parker
      Elfkin Tatya:  Olivia Huseonica

Wolf:     Aaron Davies

School Girl: Amy:    Olivia Stephan

School Girls:    Cindy Ball, Ella Bursch, Brianna Cross,
      Helen Dobbleman, Andrea Ghenciu, Morgan
      Gibbs, Olivia Haas, Mary Inserra, Hermione
      Joseph, Audrey LeMeur, Olivia Most,
      Bethany Merchlewicz, Annika Pnewski,
      Olivia Stephan, Alexis Tao, Laura Theiss,
      Elizabeth Westgard

Librarians:  Chloe Kooy, Nina Carrell, Niamh Coomey

Pied Piper of Hamline:    Matthew Halpaus

Rats:   Level 2     ( CBA )

Spiders:    Level 1    ( CBA )

Kindergarten Teacher:    Maryann Johnson

      Pre-Ballet   ( CBA )

Lost Boys:   Micah Watkins, Cruz Mason,  
      Gustavo Juaarez-Sweeney, Michael
      Kockelman, Duncan Reyburn, Christian
      Watkins, Toby Felthauser

March of the Books / Flower Fairies
      Ella Anderson, Enya Brett, Laura Jensen
      Fiona Juarez-Sweeney, Sophie Kooy,
      Karissa Kockelman, Kitri Lindberg,
      Aubrie Owen, Ashley Su, Grace Watkins

March of the Books / Mischievous Fairies
      Karina Malm, Mykenzee Bryant, Calvin
      Huseonica, Katherine Ruiz, Ben Bauer

R I T E   O F   S P R I N G                      2013                             
Choreography: Andrew Rist
Composer: Igor Stravinsky
Composition: Rite of Spring
Costumes: Cheryl Rist

Bryant Lake Bowl: Sample Night LIve
    Wednesday, March 5, 2008, 7:00pm
       10 Minute Sketch presented

20th Minnesota Dance Festival
    May 15-17, 2008
    Lighting: Mike Wangen
       Added more music & story.

O'Shaughnessy October 25-26, 2013

    Lighting: Mary Beth Zorn
    Set: Cynthia Betz, Jim Arnold

    Spirit of Chosen One:
Erin Warn,
    Chosen One: Jennifer Pray

    Maidens: Harper Skulley, Berea
    Ames, Maggie Selner, Erin Chase,
    Olivia-Rose Aswumb, Lily Gray,
    Emily Kleinschmidt, Jordan
    Jankowski, Gretchen Gerlach,
    Kayla Peterson

    Men: Allen Gregory, Aaron Davies,
    Ben Olson, Riley Thomas Weber

M O R N I N G   I N   B E I J I N G                2013

Choreographer:  Andrew Rist

Composer:  Ying Zhang

Costumes:  Cheryl Rist

Sets:  Jim Arnold, Cynthia Betz

Lighting:  Mary Beth Zorn

Photography:  Chris Emeott

BMN Company 2013
      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Pray
      Allen Gregory
      Ben Olson
      Aaron Davies
      Riley Thomas Weber
      Harper Skulley ( Apprentice )

CBA 2013
      Berea Ames
      Maggie Selner
      Olivia Rose Awsumb
      Lily Gray
      Emily Kleinschmidt
      Erin Chase
      Jordan Jankowski
      Kayla Peterson

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
      Morning in Beijing
         8th Annual Fall Concert
         October 25, 2013
         St Paul, Minnesota

Morning in Beijing  4

N U T C R A C K E R                      2012
Nutcracker 2012    Aaron Davies

C I N D E R E L L A               2 0 1 3

Choreographer ...  Andrew Rist
Composer ...........  Sergi Prokoviev
Score ..................  Cinderella, Opus 87
Costumes ...........  Cheryl Rist
Lighting ...............  Mary Beth Zorn
Photography ......
                Chris Emeott: Sat, 7:30pm
                Mark Vaughn: Fri, 7:30pm

BMN COMPANY   2012-13
      Erin Warn, Jennifer Pray, Jennifer
      Bennett, Ben Olson, Allen Gregory,
      Aaron Davies, Riley Thomas Weber

      Hannah Wagner, Margaret
      Underwood, Nik Nelson

CBA DANCERS     2013
      Harper Skulley, Celesta Brainard,
      Berea Ames, Maggie Selner, Erin
      Chase, Mary Shrake, Olivia-Rose
      Awsumb, Maggie Sullivan, Kayla
      Assimacopoulos, Gretchen Gerlach,
      Jordan,Jankowski, Clara Konetschka,
      Christina Smith, Elijah Heggernes,       Bailey McKenzie, Keilah Illynkh ,
      Angelina Swanson, Lauren
      Woessner, Lisette Amacher,
      Olivia Huseonica

Ballet Minnesota PREMIERE:
         25th Minnesota Dance Festival
         April 5-6, 2013
         The O'Shaughnessy,
         St Paul, Minnesota

        November 21, 1945
        Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, Russia

Beethoven's    G R O S S E   F U G E
Aaron Davies     Grosse Fuge

choreography:  AndrewRist
MUSIC:   Beethoven: Grosse Fuge
Costumes:   Cheryl Rist
Lighting:   Mary Beth Zorn
Photography:   Dave Trayers


      Erin Warn
      Jennifer Pray
      Ben Olsen
      Aaron Davies


         Hannah Wagner
         Margaret Underwood
         Nik Nelson

CBA Dancers 2012

      Harper Skulley
      Berea Ames
      Olivia Rose Awsumb
      Mary Shrake
      Maggie Selner
      Erin Chase
      Kayla Assimacopoulos
      Karly Lunda

Ballet Minnesota Premiere:
    Grosse Fuge (Opus 133)
         7th Annual Fall Concert
         October 26-27, 2012
         O'Shaughnessy /
         St Catherine University,
         St Paul, Minnesota

        TicketscReserved: 2962

S L E E P I N G   B E A U T Y

World Premiere:
Jan. 15, 1890

Imperial Ballet -Maryinski Theater
St Petersburg, Russia
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music: Peter Tchaikovsky
Costumes: Ivan Vsevolozhsky
Aurora: Carlotta Brianza
Prince Desire: Pavel Gerdt
Bluebird: Enrico Cecchetti
Lilac Fairy: Marie Petipa

Ballet Minnesota Premiere

Prologue, Acts 1-3
May 14-15, 2010
22nd MN Dance Festival,
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN
Restaged by: Cheryl Rist
Music: Peter I. Tchaikovsky
Costumes: Cheryl Rist
Lighting: Mike Wangen
Sets: Jim Arnold, Cynthia Betz,
Aurora: Oksana Konobeyeva
Prince Desire: Alexander Smirnov


Book: Andrew Rist
Choreography: Andrew Rist
Original Score: Robert E Hindel
Costumes: Cheryl Rist
Sets: Jeff Annis, JIm Arnold
Photographs: Dave Trayers

The following excerpt is from the book.

            The first book chronicling the adventures of the ballerina girls is titled, ‘At The Museum’.   It tells the story of the thirteen ballerina girls and their visit to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  If you read it you will find out what happens when one girl, Chloe, gets left behind.  You will find out what happens when the Degas statue, Picasso’s ‘Seated Woman’, Van Gogh’s ‘Starry, Starry Night’ and Degas’ ‘The Dancing Class’ come to life. It was first produced as a ballet in 1994.

            ‘Nightmare’ the second book chronicling the adventures of the ballerina girls was also first a ballet. The original story took place at a ballet boarding school, Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota, in the evening just before bed.  The girls played a while, got into their pajamas, danced the Charleston, caught a boy trying to recover his baseball and then fell asleep.  The rest of the ballet was about Chloe’s nightmare.

            The ballet has been performed four times since 1996 (its premiere) and each time bits and pieces were added to the story.   For instance the Fitzgerald ghost did not appear until the last production in 2010.  During a rehearsal break in 2007 I was sitting in the theater talking with Tom Campbell (production manager for the Fitzgerald Theater).  He told me about Ben, the Fitzgerald ghost.  Ben was a stagehand during the roaring twenties and died mysteriously near the theater.  Ever since there have been several reported sightings of him.

G R A N D   O L D   D A Y S   P A R A D E            2 0 1 3

Grand Old Days Parade    2013

Grand Old Days on Grand Avenue in St Paul is considered the largest one day Festival in the Midwest.

Classical Ballet Academy and Ballet Minnesota have presented a float in the parade for over ten years. This year, 2013, the Cinderella Carriage from the ballet Cinderella was featured in the parade.

Jennifer Pray, who premiered the prncipal role of Cinderella at the 25th Minnesota Dance Festival at O'Shaughnessy on April 5-6, 2013 was on hand, dressed as Cinderella, waving to the audience from the carriage.

Ballet Minnesota Company dancer Aaron Davies was also was there to celebrate.

Getting Ready for the parade

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