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Hannah Wagner
H A N N A H   W A G N E R
Other Apprentices:       Harper Skulley        Hannah Wagner          Margaret Underwood          Nik Nelson           Anna Betz

began her dance studies at the Classical Ballet Academy of Minnesota in September, 2002.

She has danced in many of the classics restaged by Cheryl Rist for Ballet Minnesota including: 'Don Quixote', 'La Bayadere', 'Les Sylphides' and 'Sleeping Beauty'.

She has also danced in and been a featured dancer in works by Andrew Rist including: "Cinderella', 'Messiah', 'Beethoven's 6th Symphony', 'At The Museum', 'Nutcracker' and Beethoven's 'Grosse Fuge'.

Hannah also attended the St Paul Conservatory of Performing Arts with her focus on dance. Hannah was made an apprentice to Ballet Minnesota for the 2012-2013 season.

She has studied at Ballet Met, The Joffrey Ballet in Chicago and Alonzo King LINES Ballet summer intensives. Hannah is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Performance and Choreography at UMKC. While at UMKC, she has had the opportunity to perform in Memoria with Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and Yes, Virginia Another Piano Ballet by Peter Anastos. She has also performed several works by DeeAnna Hiett, Paula Weber, Gary Abbott, Mary Pat Henry and Ronald Tice. This is her first season performing as a trainee with Wylliams Henry Contemporary Dance Company.

A Sample of  HANNAH's  Artistry
Hannah Wagner  Cinderella

Hannah Wagner   Messiah

Hannah Wagner    Cinderella   PP
Hannah Wagner      Cinderella
HANNAH W        Hannah Wagner   Cinderella 2

O T H E R   R O L E S   with   B A L L E T   M I N N E S O T A

L E S   S Y L P H I D E S
Hannah Wagner      Les Sylphides
Sylphide Opening & Bow

S O N G   O F   S I L E N C E
Hannah Wagner       Song of Silence
Hannah Wagner     Song of Silence

D O N   Q U I X O T E

CAST - May 6-7, 2011

:  Oksana Konobeyeva
  Matthew Prescott
Don Quixote:   Jim Lieberthal
Sancho Panza:  Aaron Davies

Gamache:  Christopher Micheala
Lorenzo:  Antone Gregory
Espada: Nicholas Lincoln
Mercedez: Laura Horn
Flower Girls: Jennifer Bennett, Anna Betz
Emma DeVera
Toreadors:Riley Thomas Weber, Ben Olsen, Nik Nelson, Aaron Davies.
Anna Betz, Hannah Wagner, Sophia Mitchell, Celesta Branard, Harper Skulley
Street Dance:
Anna Betz, Harper Skulley, Hannah Wagner, Sophia Mitchell, Celesta Brainard, Solona Reyes, Olivia Verdick, Anna Reimann, Christina Gustafson, Olivia Rose Awsumb, Sophia Pellegrom, Lily Gray, Zoe Peterson, Rachel Busse, Maggie Sullivan
Dryad Queen:  Jennifer Bennett
Amour:  Julia Heggerness
Dryads:  Jennifer Bennett, Erin Warn, Anna Betz, Margaret Underwood, Hannah Wagner, Sophia Mitchell, Harper Skulley, Celesta Brainard, Berea Ames, Olivia Verdick, Anna Reimann, Sophia Pellegrom, Solona Reyes, Olivia Rose Awsumb, Lily Gray, Christina Gustafson, Janelle Amacher, Mary Shrake, Molly Roche
Gypsies:  Anna Betz, Hannah Wagner, Harper Skulley, Celesta Brainard, Sophia Mitchell, Riley Webber, Nik Nelson, Ben Olsen, Aaron Davies.


A T   T H E   M U S E U M  

Premiere ............................................. 1994, Minnesota Dance Festival, St Paul Student Center, St Paul
2nd Performance ............................... 1995, Youth Concert Series
3rd Performance ................................ 2005, 17th MInnesota Dance Festival / Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul
Most Recent Performance ................. 2009, May 8-10, 21st Minnesota Dance Festival / Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul

At the museum  same 1

S L E E P I N G   B E A U T Y

World Premiere: Jan. 15, 1890

Imperial Ballet -Maryinski Theater
St Petersburg, Russia
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music: Peter Tchaikovsky
Costumes: Ivan Vsevolozhsky
Aurora: Carlotta Brianza
Prince Desire: Pavel Gerdt
Bluebird: Enrico Cecchetti
Lilac Fairy: Marie Petipa

Ballet Minnesota Premiere

Prologue, Acts 1-3
May 14-15, 2010
22nd MN Dance Festival,
Fitzgerald Theater, St Paul, MN
Restaged by: Cheryl Rist
Music: Peter I. Tchaikovsky
Costumes: Cheryl Rist
Lighting: Mike Wangen
Sets: Jim Arnold, Cynthia Betz,
Aurora: Oksana Konobeyeva
Prince Desire: Alexander Smirnov


' C l a s s i c '    N U T C R A C K E R

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